Films without cuts!

October 8, 2007

CBFC chairperson, Sharmila Tagore tries to reason the Censor board’s proactive snipping.
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Why is certification and censorship such a touchy issue?
We are talking about an India which is very complex. Take the case of Bow Barracks Forever, where I got a letter from the Anglo-Indian Association complaining about the depiction of the Anglo-Indian community. I have read the script and I am aware of the screenplay, but some people saw just the negative side or rather chose to look at it negatively. There was so much protest. Sometimes, these issues are exploited by vested interest groups.

Pakistan it seems is very pissed with India for allowing tourists on Siachen Glacier. Sending tourists into a battlefield is a bad move (with “severe consequences”) according to them. I guess, converting a tourist spot into a battlefield is OK by them!

… are the ones that we makeup. What’s a better way to illustrate how the YouTube generation is reshaping movies as we know. Be Kind Rewind is one movie to watch out for.

Paruthi Veeran

August 21, 2007

Can’t remember the last Tamil movie that had such perfection painted all over it! And what a powerful and mature performance by Karthi(k) Sivakumar and Priya Mani.  Ameer impresses in every aspect of the movie, the simplicity of his script, the meticulous attention to regional flavour and most importantly, his handling of both seasoned and untested actors with a testy script.

Macs from 1976 until now

August 21, 2007

A neat poster of the Mac’s evolution (besides other Apple products) since 1976.